It’s Saturday night and I’m in my favorite coffee shop winding down and reflecting on the amazing week that is ending.

 Sunday in Brno saw nice enough weather again that people were outside. These people in the photo spent the entire time just outside our window, talking, drinking, and smoking. At times they seemed to be trying to talk louder- perhaps because we made it difficult for them to hear each other. At other times they seemed to be listening to us. Even after all these years it is still a little distracting, but hopefully they heard something that will make them more curious.

 Our second Brno lecture on Monday drew a reasonably good number that included some interesting new visitors. One of them was excited enough he promised to visit the assembly on Sunday. I pray he will. Another man asked for additional information. He is the same man I had the study with following the lecture the previous week.

 Tuesday was a travel day that was reminder that winter has not surrendered, but the trip afforded me an opportunity to work on my lecture for Wednesday evening in Prague. We have been doing well enough there this year that our folks come into these opportunities optimistic. We had our second largest crowd, and the people styed long after the Q&A period ended. One many asked to schedule a study. Seeing the kids helping set things up and people staying afterwards to talk is wonderful.

 On Friday we had our monthly Prague church study at our flat. Nancy left a couple of days earlier for the States, so a couple of the ladies took care of snacks and cleanup. It was well attended, and the study went well. Seeing the people laughing and talking in such a warm and congenial way was touching and bodes well for the future here.

 On Saturday we had our bi-monthly “Brno” study. I presented material on the Book of Judges. The after-lunch portion included some group projects that led to lively discussion following our unexpurgated look at the text. After getting a good scolding from people for the fact we are spending April in the Sates, I took my leave to try to prepare for the trip.