The week long study at Nove Mesto is something that many look forward to all year. Though the preliminary work had been done, and both the American and European speakers had worked hard to prepare, there are still many moving parts that needed to come together. They did. The attendance was good, the facilities were well prepared, the weather cooperated, and the attendees were engaged. While the lessons were great (except for those I did), the experience of being being together may have been just as important. Seeing the children together was a special part of this. The rooms were nice enough , especially before I moved into mine. The biggest scare came from a fear that a while board would not clean up. The signings in the evenings were wonderful in both languages. When Friday afternoon rolled around, tearful farewells were exchanged by people who had studied, played ball, and stayed up late talking were exchanged. This was accompanied by an excitement for next year and a sense of gratefulness for the success on the part of those who put it together. Once again, a special shout out to Nathan and Jonathan for their work.