Thankfully, my trip went so smoothly it was almost anticlimactic. In line to check in in Orlando, the pre-checker was pouring so carefully over everyone’s documents that the line stalled. A second checker came and started with me. He asked if I had the needed documentation and glanced at my vaccination card before sending me on. At the desk, the agent looked at a locator form long enough to see it had a QR code on it. In Germany, the entrance point for the EU, the soldier at the passport control was so engrossed in a funny story with a colleague that while he did San my passport, he not only didn’t check any other documents, he didn’t even look up to check to see if I looked like the person in the passport photo. When I got to Prague, I stood in a line with signs explaining the needed documentation. As I approached the officer with papers in hand, he waved me on through.

Honza is still in quarantine, so I took a taxi from the airport. The driver and I chatted in Czech during the trip, and shortly before letting me out, he adjusted his meter to reduce the price by about 20%. A long day ended with a FaceTime discussion as well as meeting a new friend who shows potential for study. I am a bit overwhelmed by the blessings of the day.