The Prague-Brno Sunday is always fulfilling but hectic.  It begins with the ageless Karel teaching a class in Prague, and continues with almost every man there participating in some leading way.  Actually, it begins even before that, as the kids have the job of setting up the chairs.  That task completed, they go to their Bible class.  Sadly, for me, I needed to preface the sermon by saying I would be rushing away as soon as we finish to catch my train to Brno.

The train schedule was running smoothly, so by the time the taxi got to the meeting place, I had a couple of minutes to visit with Jan and the kids before we began our service. We had two visitors who had driven almost an hour to be with us.  They responded in a very positive way to what they saw and heard.  After the assembly, Jan and I had some time for a study before he took me back to the station. As the train sped through the night on it’s a 2 ½ trek back to Prague, I was tired but joy- filled by the day.  Even with popping into a place to grab a sandwich for my meal for the day, I was home by a little after 10.