Sunday got off to an interesting start.  I had told Biss I planned to take the metro to near the meeting place to assure an early arrival.  I usually walk, but the the flat I had booked for this trip was about a 45 minute walk.  As I was about to enter the metro, Biss walked by and convinced me to walk with him.  Had it not been for a national holiday that included a military parade, it would have worked out reasonably well.  As it was, we arrived about to 10 minuets late.  (We did, however, get to see the Bulgarian army.)  Everyone was in good spirits about it, and the parade was a great segue into the sermon, so turned out well. 

The growing and evolving makeup of the group was evident.  Some of the African families seem more settled in.  A young Bulgarian couple recently converted, appear to have amazing potential.  Of course, Rafik’s family has provided a huge boost.  There are now 3 teenagers and 6 or 7 younger kids.  The group stayed engaged during the lesson and were appreciative afterwards.  Their faith and growth is surely a blessing to me.

We went to our traditional restaurant after lunch and stayed for a couple of hours visiting.  It gave me a better chance to get acquainted with the Rafik’s amazing kids.  The middle child proved positively annoying with her language skills.  She speaks: Arabic, Turkish, Bulgarian, and English.  More impressively, she and her siblings are good kids who love the Lord and are thankful for their blessings.

After a tearful farewell, Biss and I left the others and made our way back into the city center.  We spent another couple of hours together talking and studying before we too parted ways.  I’m still trying to process all my feelings and observations about these good brethren and their future.  At present, “wow!”is the best I can do.