Brno Lecture

Who would show up for the lecture? That was the question that we almost feared to raise Sunday night as we talked about our preparations for the next day. It had been 30 months since our last lecture. The venue we had been successfully using had closed because of Covid. We didn’t know if people were quite ready to come back out either for fear of Covid or just dreading dealing with possible protocols. To say the new venue was an historic one would be an understatement. It was a room in the old city hall of Brno. The facility dates back to the 1200’s though the more recent iteration only to the mid 1600’s. Due to the legend of the dragon (crocodile,) it is also one of the best known places in the city. We had a couple of fallback consolations if the crowd was small. First, it would be recorded and thus archived online. Also, it was to be streamed live….


We had 22 visitors, 21 of whom we had never seen before. 13 people streamed the entire (70 minute) presentation. It was a good night.

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