Monthly Archives: January 2022

Interesting Weekend

The weekend was shaping up great. The studies on Friday with the children followed by one with the parents was wonderful- at least for me. The visit and meal were memories to be treasured.  While one study on Saturday unexpectedly canceled, the other went very well. To top that off, Nancy arrived not only safely, but on time. Supper was tasty, but apparently the chicken leg I ate had been out and cold for too long.  Without going into too many details, Saturday night was no fun, and I was unable to get out of bed other than to go to the toilet on Sunday. 

Thankfully, by Monday, I was feeling noticeably better. Not well enough to venture out to eat with some our dear friends we met more than 30 years ago, but there was a hidden upside there. Our landlord’s brother who I had mentioned in an earlier post came by for an unexpected visit. After that, another impromptu study opportunity occurred that didn’t require me leaving the flat.  While I feel badly about Sunday, I am thankful things seem to be back on track so quickly.

Busy Week

The week is truly flying by. The jet lag was minimal, especially in light of a concussion I sustained the Friday before I left. The work was in full swing on Tuesday. Through Thursday, I had enjoyed about 9 hours of studies/discussions with a mix of Christians and non- Christians covering a range of topics from predestination to abortion. I have also been able to deliver some study materials to people including a book for Honza Novák he will use in connection with his amazing Bible website. Mixed into this is the process of setting up housekeeping for a month and the challenges of dealing with Czech government inefficiencies. I still have not managed to register as a foreigner in the country. Hopefully when I do, they will understand that it was at least in part their bizarre work hours that caused it. I find myself doing a poor job remembering to take pictures. Life here seems so normal that I forget that I need pictures until I begin working on a post. Thankfully, I did remember to take a shot of a coffee shop where I sometimes work. As you can see from a couple of pictures I am posting, it is winter. The accumulation of snow tonight won’t be great, but it does add a beauty to the city.

Thankfully, my trip went so smoothly it was almost anticlimactic. In line to check in in Orlando, the pre-checker was pouring so carefully over everyone’s documents that the line stalled. A second checker came and started with me. He asked if I had the needed documentation and glanced at my vaccination card before sending me on. At the desk, the agent looked at a locator form long enough to see it had a QR code on it. In Germany, the entrance point for the EU, the soldier at the passport control was so engrossed in a funny story with a colleague that while he did San my passport, he not only didn’t check any other documents, he didn’t even look up to check to see if I looked like the person in the passport photo. When I got to Prague, I stood in a line with signs explaining the needed documentation. As I approached the officer with papers in hand, he waved me on through.

Honza is still in quarantine, so I took a taxi from the airport. The driver and I chatted in Czech during the trip, and shortly before letting me out, he adjusted his meter to reduce the price by about 20%. A long day ended with a FaceTime discussion as well as meeting a new friend who shows potential for study. I am a bit overwhelmed by the blessings of the day.


Impending Trip

Thankfully, despite so many challenges, the trip is on track. I should leave next Sunday evening if nothing unforeseen happens. Please keep the trip in your prayers.