Mid- Week Again

The time is flying by. It’s been an eclectic mid-week.  I have studies/discussions with several people Christian and not over an amazing range of questions including Titus, the Lord’s Supper, fellowship, attitudes towards the word, impact of religious hypocrites, and the family- to name most of them. I did have a couple of studies canceled because of unforeseen circumstances folks were dealing with. I hated that, but honestly it may have been a blessing.  It gave me some extra time to prepare for a couple of major studies that are coming up- including one that begins tomorrow and lasts through Sunday. I have about 12 hours of classes during that time.  Also, it let me finally finish up my lessons for the “Kamenice” Study. Speaking of which, every time I think the organizational issues are put to bed… It does still seem to be coming together nicely.  

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