Thirty-one years ago, as of last month, I was traveling from the eastern most part of Czechoslovakia to Prague in what from the map looked to be a one-day drive.  After hours and hours of winding two-lane highways through the mountains, I reached a city I had heard of but knew almost nothing about. With midnight approaching, I knew I would not make it to Prague until the next day.  Wearily, I walked into the first hotel I saw and asked for a room. It had been a grand hotel inits day- before WW1. The price was ridiculously high- a little over 100 USD, but I was done.  Today, I checked into that hotel again.  This time, because there was a special offer from Expedia that made it the least expensive place to stay near where I need to be. Covid has wreaked havoc on the travel industry here.  Oh yeah, the name of that city- Brno.

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