Hitting the Ground Running

With the ever changing rules for travel I felt more trepidation about the trip than I ever have. I actually don’t know what was required of me when I landed in Prague, because for some reason they passed me through the border control without stopping me.  As I approached the person checking papers, I spoke him to him in Czech.  Perhaps he assumed I was Czech…  Regardless of why, I was thankful and elated to be out of the airport and with Honza headed to our traditional post-flight meal (RC Cola’s are fancier than I remember them.) and Bible discussion.  After 20 hours in a mask, it was nice to breathe the Prague air. It was late enough when I got to the flat that I really didn’t have time to settle in, but I was ecstatic about being on the ground and running. 

One response to “Hitting the Ground Running

  1. Nathan Hesseltine

    Bill, we will be missing you tomorrow but praying for your time in the Czech to be blessed.

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