A Day in Sofia

My first full day’s schedule allowed me to get out and see the city center for a little while.  The warm weather is giving folks great opportunities to be out on the main shopping street and in the park that adjoins the National Palace of Culture. I’m overwhelmed by the changes that I see, but made nostalgic by the things that have stayed the same. The arts are still revered, and a guy can earn a couple of bucks by bring out the bathroom scales and charging people to weight themselves.  My Wi-Fi wasn’t working, so I needed find a place to access it. Rather than an old-school internet café, I have a very trendy tea shop 100 yards from my flat hat has blazing internet.

After meeting Biss at a metro stop in the center, we made the trip to the suburbs to meet Rafik and his family for supper.  It was another chapter in their wonderful ongoing story.  We ate good food, laughed, talked, prayed, and discussed the scriptures together as a group.  The children are doing amazingly well in all aspects of life while keeping a proper focus.  The evening came to an end too quickly as I headed back into the centrum for another scheduled study.



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