What a Sunday!

On Sunday morning, we all headed to Litomysl to worship with the brethren who gather there.  It’s a fine group of disciples who are a joy to be with.  I have known some of them since the earliest days of our work here.  I spoke twice, and then we hurried back home to grab some lunch before the afternoon sessions began.  As lunch was being readied, Marek took me to their forest to see the devastation wrought by the bark beetles.  Being from pine country, I could feel his pain.  After an amazing lunch that included fresh pork cooked in mushrooms from the forest that found me asking for “seconds” at least once, our final work began.

It began with a meeting with men from several Czech churches to discuss the future of Kamenice and to ask me to be involved in that process.  To their credit, the Czechs have decided to take a much more active role in that.  I changed my topic for the main afternoon session from what I had planned.  The Markan Intercalations stuff went over so well, they asked if we could do another.  I happily complied.  An older couple from an Adventist background came for the final session.  They made the trip from their village for over half of them.  The final “session” was with the carload of us making the 2-hour drive back to Prague.  When I finally got back to my apartment, I was really tired, but it was a wonderful tired.

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