Busy Day

Saturday was a whirlwind of good stuff.  We have a total of five classes plus a few more hours of less formal studying.  To make it all work, we limited each session to an hour.  One session was quite different from the others.  A Bulgarian physicist and his wife joined Marek and I via Skype for a study.  They had emailed us a couple of questions they wanted me to address.  They are a delightful family, and our studies are always pleasant, and I think productive.  They are working in England, so I don’t know when I might have a chance to meet them in person. In between studies, a little FIFA, a couple of chess matches, and a lot of talking and laughing broke out.  Of course, we had more wonderful village meals which led to me gaining a couple of pounds.  The last class ended at about 9:30, and after visiting a little more, I found some solitude to get ready for another busy day.


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