“Brno Study”

The “Brno Study” hasn’t been held in Brno for quite some time, but many of us still call it that.  People from across the country gathered to spend Saturday in study and being together.  A few people were sick, but the turnout was quite good.  We spent the day looking at the different resurrection accounts to try to determine why they are different, if it should concern us, and what that day might have looked like.  It was great for me, and I think for the others as well.  After the study, I had a chance to visit with the Lustyk’s and a few others for a while before we parted ways at the end of a great day.



2 responses to ““Brno Study”

  1. Bill,
    It looks like you went to KFC to eat your meal, and I see a McDonalds sign in the background in one of the pics. Has American tastes and recipes supplanted local culture to a high degree?

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