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Day 2 in East Bohemia

Friday was filled with classes.  I taught four of them.  Marek had also developed same teaching activities for the kids that combined games with learning.  We also took a break to go and out enjoy the incredible fall weather, and watch the kids fly a kite.   The day was productive, rewarding, and tiring.  When the last class wrapped up at about 9:00 PM, even the kids were ready to go to bed.

Some Background

The wonderful family hosting these classes moved to a rambling, ramshackled old family farm house about 15 years ago with dreams of remodeling it as they started their family and served the Lord.  They have done an amazing job with all three tasks.

Now, they are using this lovely home and its amazing courtyard and garden to host a variety of teaching and fellowship efforts within the country.  Young families with children from across the country have benefited from their wonderful hospitality.  Their sincere love for the Lord and his people combined with their generous spirits and the experience of having used the place for  short time as a B&B  has combined to create an extraordinary environment for teaching.  It also demonstrates for others how a passion for teaching children, a willingness to make personal sacrifices, and servants’ hearts can accomplish a lot anywhere.  As I keep posting about my days there, I’ll continue to include some pics of their place.