A Pleasant Evening with a Fine Young Man

As I awaited the chance to spend some more time with Kuba, I did some walking and shopping.  I’m still amazed at the prosperity of the country, especially when I remember what it was like almost 30 years ago.  The blending of the old and new impresses me as well.  Can you find the four-floor shopping mall among the pictures? Speaking of multi-floor structures, how do you address the shopping cart issue in the two-storied grocery store?  You do it by inclining a moving walkway and magnetizing it to keep the cart from going down too fast.  I’ve never been a “smart car” fan, but the Czechs have produced a nice one.  If I had my truck handy, I’d be tempted throw this one in the back and bring it home.

The time to meet Jakub came, and we had a wonderful meal and visit together.  HIs insights and questions reflect a passion and knowledge that make me smile when I think about the upcoming generation of Christians in this country.  It also made me appreciate evenly more deeply the wonderful job his parents have done it raising him.



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