Monthly Archives: June 2017

Safely Home

I arrived safely in Lakeland on Saturday evening, June 3.   I am so blessed to have been able to make the trip and play some small role in the work in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.  Thanks so much for your interest in the effort.

In Prague

My last day in Prague was wonderful.  I spent most it with Honza doing what we typically do- walking for miles through the city and talking.  Though we dabbled in politics and economics, we spent most of the time on spiritual matters.  The conversations ranged from the text of Hebrews to me teaching him the Hebrew alphabet using mnemonic devices.  After eating a final meal together we said our farewell, and it was time for me to prepare to return to the states.

Mlada Boleslav

To encourage a new Christian in a nearby town, Robert arranged a lecture for Wednesday evening.  Everything about it was experimental.  The crowd was quite small, but one lady did show a good deal of interest.  I was thankful for the opportunity and the effort on the part of those who participated.   The most encouraging part for me was effort that four brethren from Prague made to go and support the effort.  We traveled together and had a delightful time.  By the way, I have wondered which post would earn the title of having the poorest photos.  I think we have our answer.