Monthly Archives: December 2015

Safely Home

The trip home was pleasantly uneventful.  Thanks so much for your interest in following the blog.  As a finishing bonus, I am elated to share that Robert Hodanko baptized a man today he met through his website.  Thanks again, and God bless.

Thursday and Friday were both very good days.  Each afforded an opportunity to walk a bit in the process of getting to where I needed to be.  I’ve included a few photos to add so local flavor.  These include things like the impressive interior of a mall I actually like, a really long escalator, some hard working mimes, a 500 year old tower, and a couple of night scenes from the river area.  One more subtle picture incorporates a 500 year old place of worship with American “culture” not at its finest.

On Thursday I finally had my official visit with the Novaks. Ferdo, the family dog who hasn’t always liked me greeted me like a long lost friend.  Pavla prepared a delicious meal.  The kids were around, and Honza and I had a good talk.  It was a good night.  On Friday I was scheduled to meet with Petr Unger.  It has been a couple of years since I have been able to see him. Not only did he and I have a great



It began as a walk down memory lane as I walked several miles taking me from my hotel through our first neighborhood in Prague.  It was cold and rainy and wonderful.  Too bad they hadn’t built this mall prior to the great toilet paper shortage on 1991.  It also took me past Prague’s iconic eye-sore television tower.  My destination for the evening was the Vlcek’s.  Honza and I had a good study and discussion before enjoying a wonderful meal of smazeny veprove rizek.  (I don’t know how to spell the word we use in English for it.)  After dinner we laughed, talked, and played with their delightful children.




For the first time in some time, the church in Prague decided to hold a public lecture.  It is an ongoing series of experiments to choose an appealing topic advertised optimally in the best venue on a good date.  They were bold in selecting both the place and advertising.  They were optimistic about the topic based in its success in Brno, but concerned about a date this near the holidays.  The area they selected is very much a working class area with a huge concentration of people living in the old style blocks of flats.  The commercial area reminded me of something you would have seen 20 years ago.  Attendance was good overall, but the number of visitors was small.  It was a good evening, but they will continue tweaking the process.  I admire their determination to use this means of taking the gospel to their city.


Prague Monday

I spent several hours today meeting with Czech Christians to discuss a variety of issues including recent challenges.   I dearly love the folks here.  I had so e time, so I walked to the last meeting.  Along the way I took a few pictures of the castle and Charles Bridge as well as an old school butcher shop.

Busy Sunday

Sunday was an extremely busy day.  It began with worship in Prague.  In spite of the challenges, it was great to see so many of the folks I have known and loved for so many years.  I cut the sermon by about 5 minutes to be sure I had time to get to the train station for the trip to Brno.  Jan met me at the train station and we had about 20 minutes to visit before their assembly began.   It was great to be with them. One of the highlights was meeting Tomas and Andrea.  This young family was converted as a result of studying with Robert Hondanko, but since they live closer to Brno they worship there.  Following the assembly, we discussed plans for the spring.  Jozef drove me to the train station giving he and I a few more precious minutes to visit before the train back to Prague.  My first meal of the day came at about 10:00 PM, so the next time some says that I don’t look like I have missed many meals I can cite a few examples.

“Brno Study”

The “Brno Study” is now held in Prague more often than Brno.  I’ll stick with the Brno Study moniker for a while at least.  It is always a main highlight of the trip.  The numbers were down a bit this late in the year, but the turnout was still very good.  Brethren gathered from around the country to spend the day together in study.  We met in a portion of the office building Honza Novak owns which is a short walk from the end station of the metro.   As usual, the number of children in attendance was quite impressive.  The three hours of study were well received and created lively discussion.  Though we had taken an hour break for lunch and to visit, many stayed for more than an hour afterwards just to visit.