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Friday in Slovakia

The journey continued on Friday as the Czech Rail Service carried me to Bratislava, Slovakia.  I had enough time that decided to walk the 3 miles to the hotel.  It was a good day for it.  After settling in, I took off for the Eurovea Mall on the Danube to meet Lucy.  Walking along this heart of Europe river always thrills me as as reflect on the role it has played in European history.  The Mall area was beautifully decorated for Christmas.  It was nice to see miles out enjoying the evening together.  I was surprised to see that a county that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving does “celebrate”  Black Friday.

Lucy and I spent about three hours together catching up and discussing her life in Slovakia.  Before we parted, we had figured a group study for me to participate in next week as I pass back through.  The day ended with me walking through soaking up the sights and sounds of the old city at night.

Back in Brno

It’s always great to be back in Brno.  This visit was no exception.  The train ride through the snowy highlands was beautiful and restful.  It allowed me time to do a final review of my notes for the lecture.   The days are gray, but the view from my window is not bad.

At 5:40, out first guest, whom I dubbed ”first fruits,” arrived.  Before it was over, we had seven visitors from the community.  After the hour long lecture, we had a 30 minute Q &A session.  Mrs Matousek making the difficult journey back to Brno for the lecture was a touching highlight.  As we visited a few minuted after the lecture, she told stories about the challenges of train travel alone and at her age.  She smiled as she told the stories, but it brought me nearly to tears.

Following that, an old friend took me to the Alligator football practice.  Following that, from the safety of a warm restaurant, a couple of us reminisced about the good old days.  On the way to the station Friday morning, I took a few pictures of the Christmas Market in the main square.  Along the way, I saw a street preacher going totally unnoticed- expect by one who has done the same work.  As I waited for the train, I was entertained by the rich, deep sounds of an exhausted passenger snoring.


Wednesday in Prague

After getting some rest, I was able to get some work done before meeting Robert for supper.  We had a great meal and long visit.  We discussed material he is working to publish for his Bible web site.  He has done a lot of work on it, and it recently bore fruit in the conversion of a young couple who now worship in Brno.

After leaving him I walked around the old city for a while and took a couple of pictures.  Looking at the pig made me wish it was super time again.  Since Czechs don’t have Thanksgiving, they can be forgiven for the early start on Christmas.  Though it’s winter drunks keep the police tragically busy.  Ironically, just after taking this picture, an aggressive group tried to intimidate me into giving them money in a passageway leading to the grocery store.  Sadly, they came in while I was still there apparently having had better luck with someone else.

I leave for Brno in the morning and the lecture there.




The journey was long but with the exception of a neighbor who didn’t appreciate my girth, blissfully uneventful.  Honza Novak arrived as I walked out the door of the airport to take me to a late lunch and by his … Continue reading