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Biss Update

Biss had his stiches removed today.  The doctors told him not to be concerned about the persistent pain in his thigh.  I plan to visit him tomorrow.  

Wednesday in Prague

After an challenging study in the afternoon I took public transportation to visit Honza, Monika, and the children.  Honza asked for a summary of the material I had presented in Brno on Sayturday as supper was being prepared. Monika did an amazing job with Czech burritos.  After the meal, we had time to discuss some questions that are pressing for them.  This wonderful family personifies the fruit of the Spirit, and I was blessed to be in their company.  



Tuesday in Prague

It has been an interesting week in the Czech Republic.  In response to boldly aggressive moves on the part of Russia, US troops have been on maneuvers that included an armored column passing through Prague.  In response to suggestions of major protests, the country showed a very vocal demonstration of support.  Seeing the flags over the National Library touched me deeply.  

Tuesday gave opportunity for two very intensive studies sandwiching the group study at Mike’s.  To stretch a bit, I walked the couple of miles to the study.  It allowed me to go through a neighborhood we lived in here.  Easter is near and the festivities are evident.  The walk also have me opportunity to be reminded of how challenig life is here for those who are older and physically challenged.  On the lighter side, tourism is booming.  Fort eh record, the feet in the water are not mine!



Monday in Prague 

Monday was a quiet day with only one study. I took some time to walk around the city.  When I went out the front door of the hotel I realized what had been making so much noise.   I walked down the street to a market that has been operating on that site for more than seven centuries.   I made my way to a bridge that began to be built in 1357.  Along the way, I stopped for some pictures along the way.



Sunday in Brno

On Sunday I met with the Fojts and Planetas for ice cream and a visit in the mall near the room rented for worship.  During the assembly, Jan led the singing.  He wonderfully combines true passion with extraordinary talent.  I spoke on Hezekiah’s Spiritual renewal.  Not everyone was able to attend, but we had 10.    as i walked to the train station realizing I would not see those brethren again this trip, i felt joy at being with them but also a longing to have helped them better.

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