Safely Home

The trip home was wonderfully uneventful.  Sunday was a long day, but it was good.  Thanks so much for your interest and support in the work in Eastern Europe.  The brethren there often express their gratitude for you as well.  God bless.

Finishing Up

I had one discussion today and will have another in the morning before my flight.  I hopefully will post one final time letting folks know I am safely home.   I will finish up with a few more sights of Prague.  Last night I stopped and took a picture of...

Thursday in Prague

This was a relatively quiet day with only two relatively short studies.   The weather was finally warming up again, so being outside was pleasant.  Mentally I am worn out as I begin reorienting towards Florida.

Wednesday in Prague

The day was fulfilled with intensive study and discussion but ended with a light-hearted visit to Katka’s for Honza to help install several panels of wallpaper.   Family projects work the same in any culture and seldom need captions....

Tuesday Study

The church in Prague is facing some very challenging questions.  The regular Tuesday class we suspended in order to allow me to have a a couple of hours to address some principles that apply to their situation.  Afterwards, several of us spent another few...