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Update on Biss

Biss told me a few minutes ago that the doctors will not decide if he needs additional surgery until after the first 2-3 months of his time in bed.  He is understandably very discouraged.

Lectures in Brno

We had public lectures on Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday, we used the venue we have used for years.  It is a “salon” conference room in a well-known hotel in the center.   Jozef made the arrangements.  On Friday, we tried a different location.  We held the lecture in a suburb of the city.  The turnout on Thursday was about what we expected- very small.  That is why they chose to experiment with a new location.  Again the turnout was small, but this time we seem to have been sabotaged.   A group of Jehovah’s Witnesses sat up a stand in front of the entrance to the lecture hall to be able to catch anyone going in.  This group is highly unpopular here, so it appeared to be a significant deterrent.  I think we will try the same location again at a later point.  The Christians maintained a great attitude about it taking consolation from the fact they were working hard to plant the seed.  Mrs. Matousek, now in her mid-80’s, made the long trip into town and up about thirty steps to be with us.  Jan too care of the logistics.

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The last few days in Brno have been too hectic to describe in more detail so, far, but on Sunday evening I will do my best to catch up.  Thanks so much for your interest.

Update on Biss

Though I learned on Sunday that Biss had been involved in a serious accident, this afternoon was the first time I was able to communicate with him directly.    The damage to his hip was so extensive that if all goes well, it will not be load bearing for 6 months.

On to Brno

Today I traveled by train to Brno for the lecture this evening.    It’s so nice to be able to work as I travel, but the countryside is too pretty to not give some attention.  It’s overcast today, but it’s a lovely, warm spring.  The kids are out enjoying McDonalds.  With Easter coming up, vendors are selling traditional Easter gifts.  Sadly, seeing folks scrounging through trash is still quite common.     The street musicians fit in well with feel of life here in Moravia.  I’m still trying to figure out why the Czechs laugh and say that I am carrying my house on my back.

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Homecooking Wednesday

After getting some other things done Wednesday, I met Robert Hodanko for the bus ride to the village just outside of Prague where he and his family live.  Tami had cooked a wonderful meal that we enjoyed together.  Their three kids are growing and developing wonderfully.  They are bright, respectful, and learning about their Creator.  We enjoyed catching up as well as engaging in very serious spiritual discussion.  It was a great evening with wonderful brethren.

Busy Tuesday

Honza, a dear and godly man who always plays a significant role in the trips, took me out for a meal that as I am typing I realize represented both lunch and supper. Following that traditional Czech meal we went to a group study at Mike and Tatana’s.  We had a great study on how we as local churches decide what to do collectively.  It is great to be with the Morrow’s again.   That night as I walked down familiar streets I felt very much at home.  Being accosted by speaking Russian who was trying to pull an ATM scam didn’t diminish the joy.   I am including a couple of pictures from the group 1 photo 2

Safely in Prague

After an adventuresome day on Monday, I made it to Prague.  A 3:00 PM flight on United turned into a 9:20 flight on Lufthansa.  This German carrier was my last shot at getting out on Monday.  I was booked and rebooked so many times that the agents became thoroughly confused.  The seat was one the gate representative assured me wasn’t available until it was and I was in it headed East.   In the end, I was only four hours late reaching Prague.  Fortunately, I had been able to notify Honza, the man who picked me up, that I was delayed.   We made connection as the last credits on my Czech mobile expired.  The day was filed with blessings. BTW, I found what I want for Christmas in the Frankfurt airport.