Monthly Archives: March 2014

Brno Lecture

On Thursday I traveled to Brno to do a lecture on the “oneness” of marriage. The brethren put a great deal of thought and preparation into the topic and advertising. Though in her mid-80’s, Anetka played a big part in this. She worked to spread the ads and then made the trek to attend. For her that meant a 1/4 mile walk to the tram stop, a 20 minute ride, nearly another 1/4 of a mile walk to the lecture hall, and a climb of about 40 stairs to the room. The Christians were pleased with the lecture and the number of visitors. It left them excited about the next time I can be with them.



Hodanko’s hospitality

Wednesday I was blessed to be able to spend a few hours with Robert, Tami, and the kids. The children are delightful and treat me like a long lost uncle. As usual, Tami prepared a great meal for us to share. We laughed and talked about many things. We also spent time in deeply contemplative spiritual discussion. They are truly a blessing.




Tuesday Class

Tuesday evening. I had the opportunity to participate in as class in Prague. Some of the brethren are studying with members of a different in the city. Mike is doing good work leading the series of classes. After class we were able to enjoy time catching up and eating supper.



Great Start

The trip was pleasant and uneventful. The connections were great, and I flew the new 777. Wow, what a plane! I also managed to sleep a couple of hours between the time I left Dallas Sunday evening at 7 and arrived in Prague at 2 PM on Monday. As I exited the customs area, I was delighted to see Honza’s smiling face. He took me to his home where I enjoyed the company of his wonderful family, great conversation, and a home cooked meal. That was topped off with a couple of hours of serious Bible study before I checked into my accommodations and began to settle in. A trip to the grocery store to get some of my favorite Czech bread and a visit to the mobile shop to sort out my SIM card got me comfortably settled in. It was a good day.