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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

I was invited to preach for the other group.   Biss is still having discussions with them about the differences between the churches.  The lesson was very well received and it was good to see these folks again.   On the way to their meeting place, I passed the local mosque and through a gypsy area.   Laura Alfrey is back in the country.  She made the 3 hour trip to Sofia to worship with us.


A Great Saturday

Saturday was a beautiful day, so we decided to spend out time together in one of Sofia’s largest parks.   There is something very special about discussing God and his word in a park under the shadow of a mountain.  Savella is doing as well as I have seen her in a long time.


Busy Friday

On Friday I headed to the old neighborhood to see a friend who was also our family dentist when we lived here.   Through the years he has shown an increasing interest in spiritual things.  Our talk went well.  After that, I hurried back into the city center to meet with Biss and Savella.  Savella caught me up on her health issues, and we discussed some challenges facing the church here.


In Sofia

Wednesday was  travel day.  I left my room Prague a little before 9 and got to my lodging in Sofia at 6:30 that evening.   Biss and I still manged to meet for a while to catch up and discuss the plans for my time here.  Sadly, there is nothing new to report on Draga.  A large number of Syrian refugees have crossed into the country via Turkey.  This has had a domino affect on others who have refugee status, including Aaron.  Consequently, his paper were taken and his future here is uncertain.  

The pictures will hopefully give a little taste of life in Sofia.  In spite of all the new shops, street vendors are still common.  wealth and extreme poverty co-exist within the same city block.  The weather is still warm enough to spend time outside, but it is hazy enough that the mountain is almost hidden from sight.


With Robert and Tami

On Tuesday I met Robert after he finished work for the day.  On the way to their home, we stopped and picked up Thomas from a scout meeting.  We got to watch the boys play floorball.  Tami fixed a great meal and we had a good evening of food and relaxation accompanied by Bible study before and after.  They are a wonderful and godly family.


A Walk with the Fojt Family

After the Brno study, I went to the Fojt’s.  In addition to a discussion of some issues concerning Genesis and evidences, we went for a nice long walk with the children.  The weather was good and the foliage  was beautiful.   I was a great evening.  The family is such an encouragement to me and to the church in Brno. ImageImageImage

Brno Study

Brno Study

As always, the study was a wonderful experience.  Brethren traveled from across the country to spend the day studying and being with one another.  Thanks to the generosity of some dear brethren in the states, Brno now has its own projector.  That simplified things a lot.  We studied the conquest of Canaan from the Bible text and archaeology.   The interest was great and the discussion was lively.  Even after the rental period on the room was over and it was necessary to stand outside, the folks stayed and stayed to visit.   Their example overwhelms me.