In Sofia

Wednesday was  travel day.  I left my room Prague a little before 9 and got to my lodging in Sofia at 6:30 that evening.   Biss and I still manged to meet for a while to catch up and discuss the plans for my time here.  Sadly, there is nothing new to report on Draga.  A large number of Syrian refugees have crossed into the country via Turkey.  This has had a domino affect on others who have refugee status, including Aaron.  Consequently, his paper were taken and his future here is uncertain.  

The pictures will hopefully give a little taste of life in Sofia.  In spite of all the new shops, street vendors are still common.  wealth and extreme poverty co-exist within the same city block.  The weather is still warm enough to spend time outside, but it is hazy enough that the mountain is almost hidden from sight.


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