Monthly Archives: April 2013

Final Day in Sofia

On Monday I had some time to work on upcoming lectures before meeting Biss.   Aaron’s work schedule is still too complicated to allow him to join us.  The visit was too short, but it did give us time to discuss in more detail  some of the evidence questions he has been working out.  We also discussed the meeting the day before with the other group.  

I left the next morning for my return to Prague.  Changes in the European airline industry have made this a more complicated trip, but I arrived safely Tuesday night.

The Weekend

On Saturday I was able to meet with Savella and Biss. We had a pleasant meal and a few hours of study. Sunday morning Biss and I attended the assembly of the other group in Sofia. They had invited me to preach. After the service, we went to lunch with the Bulgarian preacher and his wife. We had a good and candid discussion of a wide variety of issues facing Christians in Bulgaria. We had our worship in the evening. Following the assembly, we had another hour of study. I never cease to be amazed at the challenges these brethren face and with the courage they display.