Monthly Archives: April 2013


Early Sunday morning Jan picked me up for a trip to this lovely, historic town. The church there had been asking me to come for some time. It finally worked out. The origins of this work go back almost 20 years to our time in Pardubice. I was so thankful to be able to preach here.

Shortly after two of the Czechs were giving me far too much credit for my language skills, a 14 year old stood up and began to speak. He read scriptures, commented on them, and prayed. He did this in Czech while translating it into English. Would that all such humbling experiences be so joyful and encouraging.

Following our assembly, the Lustyk family invited us for lunch. Being with this godly family of five fills me with joy that I cannot well express. It was a great start to a wonderful day.



Lecture in Brno

The train trip to Brno is always a pleasant experience. As the photos show, it is still winter here. Upon arrival I had a couple of hours to settle in before the lecture. The folks here did a great deal of work preparing for it. The lecture itself and the Q&A session afterwards lasted the full two hours we had the room. We had seven visitors, all of whom seemed genuinely interested. They asked questions about other study opportunities and took literature. The brethren seemed well please with the outcome. Mrs. Matousek difficult trip to be with us and was full of joy and enthusiasm and she interacted with the visitors.

After the lecture, I went with Jan to enjoy listening to his bluegrass band play at a nearby restaurant. After that I caught the end of my old football teams practice and then had a great visit with players and coaches.






Wednesday in Prague

My last day in Prague was a good one. I had some time to work on upcoming lessons. I also finally had the opportunity to spend a few hours visiting with Mike. His love for the brethren in Eastern Europe gives up a lot to talk about. The work is challenging, but good brethren like these find their forward.

Wednesday was a also a transitional day in my work on this trip. From Thursday, my teaching opportunities will be much more public. I’m excited about that, but am very grateful for the days I have had to spend in quiet study in the homes of a number of brethren. I believe this has been time very well spent.

Final Day in Sofia

On Monday I had some time to work on upcoming lectures before meeting Biss.   Aaron’s work schedule is still too complicated to allow him to join us.  The visit was too short, but it did give us time to discuss in more detail  some of the evidence questions he has been working out.  We also discussed the meeting the day before with the other group.  

I left the next morning for my return to Prague.  Changes in the European airline industry have made this a more complicated trip, but I arrived safely Tuesday night.

The Weekend

On Saturday I was able to meet with Savella and Biss. We had a pleasant meal and a few hours of study. Sunday morning Biss and I attended the assembly of the other group in Sofia. They had invited me to preach. After the service, we went to lunch with the Bulgarian preacher and his wife. We had a good and candid discussion of a wide variety of issues facing Christians in Bulgaria. We had our worship in the evening. Following the assembly, we had another hour of study. I never cease to be amazed at the challenges these brethren face and with the courage they display.