Monthly Archives: April 2013


Friday was another good day. My first lecture was at nine. Doing a book like Amos in 50 minutes (including translation) is a challenge. However, based on the responses, the people worked hard with us and truly profited. Seeing a young lady still quickly writing notes after it is over is an encouraging sign. After my second lecture and a quick lunch, it was time to head to the airport. I hated to miss the last part of the lectureship, but our meeting in Wichita Falls is starting on Sunday, so it was necessary for me to be back. The trip back to Prague tok several hours, but I arrived safely at about 10 PM.



The Lectures Begin

Thursday morning we went to the “worship flat” to get the projector, sound equipment, song books, and Bibles. By noon we had things set up for the afternoon start. We had three lectures before supper. After we ate, we sang Russian hymns for a hour before the final lecture. Following that study we had a Q&A session. By the end of this we were worn out,but it had been good day. The approximately 50 people who had traveled from around the country to participate were very attentive and appreciative.




Wednesday in Chisinau

The brethren here put a tremendous amount of work into their lectures. On Wednesday, Johnny and I had the early part of the day to finalize our own preparations. We then spent a delightful evening with the Gentry’s. A great meal was followed by a discussion of the logistics of the lectures. Mixed delightfully into this was a great visit with the three young children. Being with a young family with small children brought back a lot of great memories and sparked some great discussions.



First day in Moldova

The trip went, and I saw Johnny Felker as soon as I arrived at the hotel. After a short break we left to meet John Gentry for supper. After a quick meal we headed to the lecture. Johnny has been doing a series on the family. As usual, he did a great job last night. After his presentation I joined him for the lengthy Q&A session. It was great to see Serghei again.





On Monday I was able to spend a few hours with Lucy. The situation with the group she is worshipping with has not improved. Thankfully her circumstances at work have improved dramatically. She was in better spirits that I have seen her in some time. During our visit we went to a coffee shop for some tea. When we finished I took our tray back up. About 20 minutes later I realized I had left my IPad on the table. When I got back to the shop, the lady was waiting for me with it in her hand.

Brno Study

The Saturday study was attended by folks from four churches around the country. Bad weather and illness hindered others. In the morning session we studied Hagaii while in the afternoon we looked at Jonah. Both sessions were followed by lively Q&A periods. After so many hours of teaching I was tired, but it was a wonderful tired.





Jan and I arrived back in Brno just in time to meet the Planetovi family in the mall for a snack before our assembly. The worship was well attended and joyous. The energetic discussion the lesson created was heartwarming and challenging. This visiting lasted for almost an hour before I needed to start my journey to Slovakia.