Monthly Archives: March 2013

Old Friends

On Thursday I met with some dear friends from Germany for a great visit and Biblical discussion. I also spent a long evening with the Hodanko family. Their hospitality is always warm and generous. The ensuing spiritual discussion was challenging but good evidence of a genuine love of truth.. Seeing how their kids are growing reminded me of how quickly time is passing.




Busy Wednesday

On Wednesday I had about 5 1/2 hours of intense study and discussion. Much of it dealt with godly attitudes. It was good to hit full stride. I met Honza for lunch.. He showed me his completed building. This includes the area he has made available for the church to use. He also took me to a KGB museum which turned out to be owned by a pro- Stalinist Russian. That made for an interesting tour. It was like stepping back in time and hearing Soviet propaganda.



Tuesday Study

On Tuesday I had a short visit with Mike before their mid-week study. Attendence at the class was a bit light, but we had a very encouraging visitor. He is perhaps the most knowledgable member of the other group in Prague. I talked about the significance of the resurrection on the third day. After the study, we enjoyed our traditional meal at KFC.

Great Trip

The trip to Prague went was great. The flights were safe and on time. I even had an empty seat beside me on the long flight. It has been snowing off and on since I got here, but it isn’t accumulating. I arrived in the evening and got to the grocery store just in time to get some of my favorite bread.