Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Lecture

We had our Prague lecture Wednesday evening. I talked about astology and esoteric religions as poor substitutes for the gospel. While we only had about 20 visitors, the Chrisitians were excited about the feedback they got following the question and answer period. After the lecture the Morrows and I were joined by Ondrej for a late supper. He is an very impressive man who was recently converted.



The Czechs

I spent some time Wednesday wandering around trying to collect my thoughts. Czechs have lived in these lands for 1500 years. During that time they have expericed freedom and supression. Often they were ruled by foreigers, but at other times independent. Some of their own rulers were tyrants while others were noble men. Through it all they have maintained their identiy and culture. It is a land where the gospel is effectively preached.





Tuesday was a great day with brethren. Robert, Tami, and their kids met me for lunch. As an added bonus, Robert was able to offer some legal advice on how to help Draga. After lunch I had a study with one of the Christians that left just enough time to collect my thoughts for the group study at Mike’s. Robert was worn out from a long day, but still translated with great skill. That lasted about two hours. We ended the day by enjoying some Czech KFC.




Monday in Prague

I spent the afternoon and evening with the Novak family. We ate, talked, laughed and discussed how to better serve the Lord. On the way I took a few pictures that show how the city continues to hrow but in many ways stay the same.







Sunday in Brno began with a challeging but good study followed by worship about an hour later. Joseph and the boys were there and the Fojt’s joined from Toronto. It was a warm and encouraging time. After the worship, I spent a while with the Planetovi in Bible discussion. Unfortunately my train was about an hour late, so it made for a late arrival in Prague.


The short time in Bratislava has gone quickly. The first order of business was to buy a coat. I landed in winter. On Tuesday, after working on my lecture, I met Lucy for supper and a study. The next night she cooked for two young familes as well as me. We had a great meal followed by spiritual discussion. Her kind hospitality is really having an impact on these folks.

Thursday was spent making a trip to the city of Martin in the Fatra Mountains. It was cool and rainy, but we didn’t have to contend with ice. We spent about five hours studying and visiting with three generations of Kandras. These humble, godly people are an inspiration. In spite of meager means they are dedicated, joyful, and grateful. The round trip took almost six hours, but is was well worth it.