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Sunday in Sofia

Sunday was equally busy. We met with the group mentioned in the previous post that morning. It is a group of about 25 that rents a meeting room in a hotel each week. I’m looking forward to more discussion with some of the members.

After that we went to see Draga. As usual, we brought her some groceries as well as a lovely bag made by a lady in Wichita. The gift brought tears to her eyes. After a study, she filled us in on the latest chapters in the nightmare she is facing. The woman who has forced her way into Draga’s home is trying to bully Draga into giving her a sort of power of attorney that would give her control of Draga’s pension and allow her to force Draga into a nursing home. We assured her we would do everything in our power to protect her. Biss and I spent some time discussing a legal strategy and I left funds to help with legal fees.

That evening we met for worship. It was the only time I got to spend with Dinyu and Aaron. Dinyu is now living on the mountain through a week and working as a watchman at a villa. He seems happy about it. Our worship and visit lasted about three hours and included a lengthy and lively class in which we discussed issues of fellowship.








The short time in Sofia was hectic and fulfilling. I arrived on Wednesday and was able to meet Biss for a while that evening to catch up and plan. Friday, we met with Savella. Her health has improved enough to allow her to begin teaching again. Thankfully her father’s health also seems to have stablized. On Saturday we made the trip into the mountains to Toros. Joto had rented a tiny restraunt for a couple of hours for a lecture. About a dozen attended a lecture on understanding the church. Given the difficulties Joto has faced in the last few months, I was very well pleased with the turnout. After the lecture, we visited a while and discussed the work there.

Immediately after arriving back in Sofia, we met with Savella again for a discussion. Thankfully Aaron found a job, but it made it difficult to spend time together. After this meeting, Biss and I met with an older man named Christoff. He preaches for another Church of Christ in Sofia. He had invited me to speak there and wanted to get acquainted.








On Monday Lucy met me and we traveled together to the Slovak Ministry of Transportation. “Mike”, who is the dierctor of the national railroad service, opened his office for a group study. While a few of the regulars couldn’t make it, there was six of us. We studied principles of teaching. It is an interesting and encouraging group. I wish I had more time with them. The class on Tuesday was cancelled because two of the people were ill. In a way it may have been a blessing. Lucy really needed to talk and that gave us an opportuntiy.

The blurry picture is of the continually moving elevators you hop on and off to get to the place we studied.





Sunday in Brno

On Sunday I sat in a coffee shop in the mall adjoining the meeting places for a while and looked at some verses Joseph wanted to discuss before our worship. The Fojt’s joined us by Skype from Canada, and the Lustyk family drove two hours down from Lytomisl. The church in Lytomisl has asked me to come preach for them my last Sunday here, but I’m not sure we can make it work. The job Marek and Pavla are doing rearing their three sons in amazing. Mrs. Matousek was able to join us. She always brightens the room. After a visit after services I traveled to Bratislava. That 10 PM supper tasted awfully good.


Brno Study

The Brno Study was extremely well attended. Brethren from across the nation traveled to be there. We studied the servants in Isaiah. I am humbled and grafeful for the sacrifices they make to attend. Seeing these young families travel as much as four hours to sit through three hours of study is heartwarming. The discussions that followed and watching the children play together was so encouraging.





Friday in Prague

On Friday, fall returned to the country. The wind coming of the water was as cool as the pictures suggest. Honza and I spent several hours together discussing the work in Prague as well as more general principles of church dynamics. After we parted I had a while to put some finishing touches on lessons for Saturday.



In Prague

The plans for Wednesday were changed when the Hodanko’s were hit with illness. This study and visit Is rescheduled for the back end of the trip. This did give me some extra time to work on the lessons for Saturday. Thursday was another morning of preparation and a great afternoon filled with talking to Honza for some time and then an evening with the Vlcek’s. This is a wonderful young family whose zel is humbling. In addition to our Biblical discussion we had a great visit and an amazing meal.





A Good Start

The trip over went very well. The delay in my flight to London was offset by a delay in the flight to Prague. The weather here is unseasonably pleasant, and the crowds of tourists are small. On Tuesday I taught the mid- week class at Mike’s. The atmosphere was wonderful and the 1 1/2 hours of the class flew by. After the class, Mike and I spent another couple of hours discussing the scriptures nd the work here and in Slovakia.