Monthly Archives: April 2012

A Class at Lucy’s

The study tonight was not as well attended as we had hoped, but there were five. We studied Acts 17 and related it to the process people today experience in coming to faith. In addition to the hour of study, we spent an addition hour plus just visiting and talking. As always, Lucy was a most gracious hostess. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was when Franti asked if I would be willing to study with one of his friends on my way back through. It meant adding a day to my time in Bratislva, but it is well worth it. The opportunities in Slovakia continue to impress.

Pleasant Surprise

Monday afforded an unexpected study opportunity. I was invited to meet with a group of about 10 for a study of Luke. Most of the people who met are not Christians. We met in the office of the Minister of Transportation of Slovakia. He was one of the participants. The study went well and I have been invited to teach in a couple of weeks when I return to Slovakia. I am also scheduled to study with four of the people tomorrow evening.




Sunday in Brno

Sunday in Brno was such an encouraging day. Mrs. Matousek was not able to join us, but Kamila and the Planetova family were there. Also, Jan, Hana, and Jan jr joined us via Skype from Canada. After worship we worked on the details of the “Brno study” on the 14th and went out to eat together. Josef updated me on his Bible software (He has written another 100000 lines of code.), and we reminisced as friends of many years do.

We parted with me headed to the train station only to learn that my train had been cancelled. After a lot of scrambling, I put together an fascinating itinerary that got me to Bratislva at about 10. Now I am have some time to rest and catch up with correspondence until a group study tomorrow evening.






A Wonderful Evening

Friday evening I traveled to the village near Prague where Robert and Tami Hodanko live. It was a wonderful evening with them and the children. Tami cooked a great meal and was an all- around gracious hostess. In addition to time visiting, they had some questions about the material they are using to teach their children they wanted to discuss. It is so refreshing to see young parents so concerned not only about teaching their children the Bible, but how to best do it.

The pictures show a random combination of Old Town Square in full Easter mode, an amazingly nice Czech train, and a couple of shots from the Hodanko’s.






Honza and Mike

I spent much of Thursday with Mike and Honza. Mike and I combined to answer most of the questions that mankind has struggled with for centuries. We always do. It was great to be with them to discuss spiritual issues and the Lord’s work.