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It was a cooll, rainy night for the lecture, and the crowd arrived late. When they had all filtered in, we had about a dozen visitors. I spoke for almost an hour and a half before we began the question period. The church had requested I speak on ancient creation accounts compared and contrasted with Genesis as well as a section on creation and Chinese language characters. Several of the visitors stayed for a while and spoke with some of the Christians. They distributed a lot of literature and made a couple of contacts that wil likely result in studies.. The building in the picture is the part of the school we use for lectures.







Great Start

The trip was relatively uneventful. The connection in London was too short, but I made it. Too bad my suitcase didn’t. It should be here later tonight. Honza met me at the airport and took me to his house for an hour before the study. We were so engrossed in our spiritual discussion that we were almost late. The group study at Mike’s was wonderful. A very impressive young couple who work in Saudi Arabia were there and shared what it is like to be Christians in that hostile environment. That was combined with great discussion for a meeting that lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Tomorrow I will meet with Mike again to discuss the lecture as well as meeting with Honza and his family to continue our study.