Monthly Archives: November 2011

Leaving Sofia

Except for spending a couple of hours with Biss, Monday was a quiet day used for doing some reading and preparation. On Tuesday, I spent a couple of hours with Savella discussing her health issues and challenges she is fcing caring for her father. (I will be pestering some of you medical types when I get home for information for her.) That evening I met with Biss furor a study and discussion of how we can best help some the others. The parting is always difficult, but it was made easier by a sense of having spent the time profitably.


Sunday began with a brisk mile walk to meet the driver who would take us to a village about 70 miles from Sofia. We were meeting with a group in the home of a Bulgarian Christian for their 10 AM worship. This small group has a couple of doctrinal issues they are still sorting out, but were extremely receptive to the teaching and urged me to return when possible. This situation was one of the main opportunities I was excited about for this trip and it exceeded expectations. The hurried trip back to Sofia got us here just in time for the assembly. Everyone was present and it was an edifying service. An English lady who regularly visits family three hours from Sofia had made the trip to worship. She is quite an encouragement to the group. After the worship, we met with Dinyu for an update on his situation.. This was followed by a long discussion with our visitor about a difficult family situation. It was a great day.








Busy Saturday

Saturday was the beginning of a good and busy weekend. I met Biss about noon so we could visit Draga. While I waited for him, across from the Seventh Day Adventist Church, (pic) I couldn’t help but think about how their success in Bulgaria is a testimony to persistence. On the way to visit Draga, we made our regular grocery run for her, and I delivered an afgan one of our ladies had made for her. She got teary- eyed and admitted she had been cold this fall. After our visit and study, we met Aaron for a study. She is still using a magnifying glass to read her verses. Following that, we met Savella. By that time it was about 9, so we called it an early day in anticipation of the early start on Sunday. In spite of an never ending series of challenges they face, the group is holding up well.






In Bulgaria

After a long day of travel, I am in Sofia. I have unpacked for the first time this trip and finally did some laundry. (The proof is in the pic.) I will meet Biss in a while to deliver some medicine and work on solving some scheduling confusion.


A Great Visit

On Friday I met with a man I had not seen in ten years. He contacted me out of the blue recently via Facebook. He and his family live in a city about 20 miles from Prague. They left the church in Prague several years ago. We have a great discussion and I am optimistic that his family, which has been worshipping in their own, will reach out to some of the other brethren before too long. While waiting in the subway for him, I saw this homeless lady selling newspapers. How blessed we are to have warm homes to live in.


Tuesday in Bratislava

On Tuesday I met with Lucy for a while to discuss the scriptures, visit, and plan the next studies. While waiting for her in the mall (pics) I thought about the discussion with Jarka who reflected that when everyone was poor, people were not too dissatisfied with their lacl of material wealth, but now with the availability of so many things, it had gotten easier to want more than you need. Something to chew on….



New Friends

Monday night I met and studied with Franti and Jarka. I had never met them before, but was very impressed. They are from a Catholic background but are searching. We studied for about 2 1/2 hours and they were anxious to schedule the next meeting. They plan to be a part of a larger group on the 20th and then again as a smaller group on the 21st. Franti has some very specific questions about then historicity of the biblical account of the Exodus. He is an avid amatuer Egyptologist. I’m glad I’ll have some time to prepare for his questions. After the study concluded, I met Lucy’s roomate, Katka. I hope to study with her on the 20th. The pics are of Jarka and Franti. I’ll catch Jarka in a pose next time!