Safely Home

We got home on Saturday. It was a great trip that was, as the posts hopefully indicate, blessed in so many way. Sunday was a full day and more plus we started our VBS on Monday.

Brno Lecture

We were all a little nervous as we waited to see how many people would attend the lecture in Brno. The last couple of efforts were so poorly attended the guys there had about come to the conclusion that this approach had lost its usefulness. They had some optimism...

Sunday in Brno

We met at 10:00 to worship on Sunday. The number was good but the mood was somber. Mr Matousek has cancer. Given his age and the health care system, the prognosis doesn’t look good. Kamila was at the service with her baby. She still attends with some regularity. It...


This is the term Czech uses for a cookout. Saturday evening the Brno folks gathered at Joseph and Petra to grill sausages. Though it was interrupted by rain, we had a great time visiting. Jan played the guitar just a bit as additional icing on the cake.

Brno Study

To be sure there was not problem being in Brno on Saturday morning, I traveled to Brno Friday evening. The Brno study was extremely well attended. We actually had to go find more chairs to use. As per request, I spoke on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible during both...