Monthly Archives: May 2011

Saturday with the Novak’s

Saturday evening was spent with the Novak family. That included Katka’s boyfriend. It was a great evening of laughing and talking with people I have known now for twenty years. They face a new set of challenges in their lives which we spent a lot of time thinking about from a scriptural perspective. I am confident they will do well. it has been a hard week, but am thankful that I have had opportunities to teach every day. I’m including some pictures from the visit.

Robert and Tami

Friday evening I visited the Hondankovi’s. Tami cooked a tasty supper and we had several hours to visit. It was great to be with them. Their children are old enough now that I was able for the first time to really communicate with them. Robert and Tami had a long list of spiritual questions prepared for me. I hope I was able to hope. I surely enjoyed the opportunity to try. I’m including a few picture of the family. On the way, I saw an older couple who reminded me of what a challenging place to live this is for those who are older or in poor health. They have had to navigate countless stairs by the time I saw them. He is so stooped that he is using ski poles to help keep himself upright.

An Afternoon with Honza

I spent the afternoon on Friday with Honza Novak. We met outside a bustling British owned department store. This kind of scene always reminds me of how much things have changed here since my first trip. We studied and talked for about three hours on a wide of topics that included Romans, fellowship, and child rearing. It’s is always great to be with him. For lunch, he took me to a small garden under Prague Castle I had never seen before.

An Evening with Mike

On Thursday I was able to spend several hours with Mike Morrow. He soldiers on doing a fine job of teaching in Prague. In addition to a bit of catching and reminiscing, we discussed how to best help the brethren in various cities. We also had an opportunity to discuss the scriptures together. He is a fine student and I always enjoy this privilege.

Prague lecture

My greatest concern about missing flights was the fear that I would not arrive in Prague on time for the lecture scheduled there. The church had asked me to speak on the ethics of different world religions. I enjoyed the challenge of that. They worked hard on advertising but were disappointed with the turnout. They had six visitors. We will hope and pray that these show some continued interest.

Safely in Prague

I safely arrived on time in Prague after a series of difficulties. The flight from Wichita Falls to Dallas was cancelled very late in the day. Thankfully, with some great help, I was able to get to Dallas by car. The flight there was delayed on the runway for 2 ½ hours over a security concern. That put us far enough behind schedule that I almost missed my flight to Prague. However, I made it and my luggage did as well. I was truly blessed through all of that.