Monthly Archives: July 2010

A Little Nostalga on a Friday

I realized this morning that it was almost exactly twenty years ago when I first came to Prague.  I was filled with nostalgia..

I took some pictures of the first hotel we stayed in and a now closed restaurant where the host wanted to look at our shoes before he let us in.  As I stood on the street remembering those heady but challenging days, a young lady asked e directions in Czech  I pointed her on her way and realized again how much had changed over the years.

In addition to the hotel and the restaurant  I mentioned, I’m attaching a couple of pictures from an amazing mall that is on the same block as the hotel.

Arrived Safely

I arrived safely in Prague. Hopefully my luggage will only be a day behind. Either it needs t0 cool off or I need some clean clothes.   Mirka’s children are ill so I may need to travel to Pardubice to meet with her.  I’m getting very nostalgic at the very thought of visiting this city again. 

 I had a discussion with my waitress tonight that both fascinated and saddened me.  I asked her about a man who was a former president and ideological leader against communism.  She wasn’t familiar with him.  Neither apparently was he coworker she went to ask.  Forgetting history is a common ailment. 

 I’m hoping to visit with Honza tomorrow after getting a little needed sleep on the morning 

One last but very important note- a special thanks to those of you who helped me put this trip together on such short notice.