Monthly Archives: April 2010

In Sofia

On Friday evening I was able to meet Biss for good visit, spiritual discussion, and planning the weekend.

On Saturday we made our to a suburb where we met Aaron and visited Draga for a group study.  On the way we stopped and loaded up with groceries for her.  (I’ve included photos of the traffic chaos in the city as well as a couple of shopping and the study.)  After the study we had time for a visit.  Her health is holding and her attitude continues to befit her name Draga(Precious.)

Afterwards, Aaron, Biss and I had some time to visit.  Our evening ended with shopping for Dinyu for tomorrow and eating supper as we discussed various arguments for the existence of God.

Flying to Sofia

When we reached the tarmac for the flight to Sofia, I was surprised to see that we weren’t on the typical 737.

On the Streets

Before I left Budapest I took a couple of picture that show the remaining face of poverty in the city.  In neither case is it as simple as being “down on their luck.”

Challenges in Budapest

On Tuesday I traveled to Budapest.  That evening I met with one of the men involved in the sale of the apartment that had been the meeting place.  There were some serious issues to be addressed as far as how this was handled.  Some progress had already been made as the result of our earlier correspondence.  It was a very difficult discussion, but I think productive.  We will see.

Tonight I met with Emese for a while to discuss the issues of the property as well as different things she is dealing with as she visits the group she is meeting with.  She has been hurt a lot, but is dealing with things better than most of us with a lot more support would have.

Comic Relief

Within a couple of hours I was at my hotel in Bratislava.  This provided a little needed comic relief.  The main reason this incredibly well located property Is very affordable is that anyone staying there has about a 100 steps to climb.  There is no elevator.   When I arrived at the reception desk (up 80+ steps) I was delighted to find that the door to my room was actually on that level.  When I unlocked my door, this is what I saw.

In case you can’t make it out, it is a narrow spiraling staircase leading the last 18 steps up to my room.  I didn’t bother explaining to the girl why I was laughing.  Speaking of humor in Slovakia, this picture shows an example of the bronze figures placed around the old city in startling or humorous poses.

But back to the serious stuff… I met with Roman, the young preacher for the group started by institutional brethren there in the city.  We sat and talked for almost two hours.  I felt that is was very productive.

On to Bratislava

On Monday I left Brno on my way out the CR for the last time this trip.  I’ve attached a couple of photos from the train and train station.  


Sunday was (is) very long.  I met with the group in Bratislava that Lucy has been meeting with.  It didn’t work out for me to preach, but the young Slovak man who did has agreed to meet with me tomorrow evening.

When that service was over, I hoofed it to the train station to catch my train back to Brno.  I had about 45 to spare before we met to worship.  The brethren seemed to profit from the lesson presented.  After that, we went out for supper together.  It was a great for visiting.  Jozef had several areas of spiritual interest he wanted to discuss.  He is a wonderful encouragement.

Tomorrow (later today) I’ll head back to Bratislava to meet with the young man I previously mentioned.