Challenges in Budapest

On Tuesday I traveled to Budapest.  That evening I met with one of the men involved in the sale of the apartment that had been the meeting place.  There were some serious issues to be addressed as far as how this was handled.  Some progress had already been made as the result of our earlier correspondence.  It was a very difficult discussion, but I think productive.  We will see.

Tonight I met with Emese for a while to discuss the issues of the property as well as different things she is dealing with as she visits the group she is meeting with.  She has been hurt a lot, but is dealing with things better than most of us with a lot more support would have.

2 responses to “Challenges in Budapest

  1. You continue to amaze, sir! I have been praying for your spirit and strength more on this trip than on others. Something is telling me you need some extra help carrying the weight of so many problems. I also know you are the perfect one to do so much helping of so many people. May God guide your thoughts and words.

  2. The Lord knows what we each can handle, and a lot of the time it is more than what we realize that we are able to handle. I keep you in my prayers as you journey, encounter people and situations, and ask that the Lord bless you and keep you wise, understanding and safe. I have traveled overseas and lived overseas and I understand what it is to be a fish in a different pond. Keep on keeping on. 🙂

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