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Safely Home

Travel Update

I’m booked on a flight in the morning.  If it is cancelled, I will be here a while.  At least it gives me another evening with the brethren here.    I am very ready to be home.


The status of my scheduled flights Tuesday is still “up in the air.”   I won’t know until tomorrow for sure if I will get as far as Munich.   Even if I get to Munich, I may be stuck there for a while.

Travel Situation

The travel situation isn’t any clearer.  The reports coming out over here are conflicting.  My gut feeling is that it will be later on in the week before I can fly home.  I think I can extend my stay here for a few extra days without too much trouble.  I am surely ready to be home, but can use the time well.  The folks here told me they wouldn’t pray for the ashes to clear so I could leave.  I thanked them- sort of.

Prison Visit

After our assembly we spent an extra 30 minutes in spiritual discussion.  Following this Biss and I began the trek to the prison where Dinyu is held.  He had received special permission to have visitors even though this was not his weekend for that.  We had found out he needed headphones for his radio, so we took him some as well as some groceries.  He was in good spirits and anticipates being given early release this summer.  The absurd tragedy of his incarceration is amplified by being with him in a good with a half a dozen other prisoners during the visiting period.  I have posted a few pictures from the bus ride, front gate area, and one of a group who were refused admission.  Anyone familiar with eastern europe can guess their occupation.


All of the members were present at the worship this morning except for Dinyu.   It was great to have them all together.  Seeing their persistence in spite of daunting adversity humbles me beyond words.   We had a visitor from England.  She is an older lady named Laura who frequently travels to Bulgaria to visit family.  She is an encouragement to the brethren here. 

Travel Chaos

Air travel in Europe is a disaster.  I have no idea how next week will shape up for airlines.  I wish I was more confident of being able to travel of Tuesday.  As I know more I will post it.  Please pray about this.

In Sofia

On Friday evening I was able to meet Biss for good visit, spiritual discussion, and planning the weekend.

On Saturday we made our to a suburb where we met Aaron and visited Draga for a group study.  On the way we stopped and loaded up with groceries for her.  (I’ve included photos of the traffic chaos in the city as well as a couple of shopping and the study.)  After the study we had time for a visit.  Her health is holding and her attitude continues to befit her name Draga(Precious.)

Afterwards, Aaron, Biss and I had some time to visit.  Our evening ended with shopping for Dinyu for tomorrow and eating supper as we discussed various arguments for the existence of God.

Flying to Sofia

When we reached the tarmac for the flight to Sofia, I was surprised to see that we weren’t on the typical 737.

On the Streets

Before I left Budapest I took a couple of picture that show the remaining face of poverty in the city.  In neither case is it as simple as being “down on their luck.”