Travel Update

I’m booked on a flight in the morning.  If it is cancelled, I will be here a while.  At least it gives me another evening with the brethren here.    I am very ready to be home.


The status of my scheduled flights Tuesday is still “up in the air.”   I won’t know until tomorrow for sure if I will get as far as Munich.   Even if I get to Munich, I may be stuck there for a while.

Travel Situation

The travel situation isn’t any clearer.  The reports coming out over here are conflicting.  My gut feeling is that it will be later on in the week before I can fly home.  I think I can extend my stay here for a few extra days without too much trouble.  I am...

Prison Visit

After our assembly we spent an extra 30 minutes in spiritual discussion.  Following this Biss and I began the trek to the prison where Dinyu is held.  He had received special permission to have visitors even though this was not his weekend for that.  We had found out...