Arriving in Sofia

The flight to Sofia was short and on time.  It is great to finally be in a place I will stay long enough to bother to unpack.  I have never been so excited about a washing machine before.  I met Biss for supper and to iron out details of the weekend.  Seeing him is a pleasure. After supper we walked a bit.  Winter has come here.  I need to get acclimated.  I also got to speak with Savella.  She is overjoyed with positive medical news about an issue that had been of great concern.  We will all meet tomorrow for study and discussion.

3 responses to “Arriving in Sofia

  1. Clint and Traci Gann

    Just want you to know that we are praying for you and the Christians (and non-Christians!).

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your work. We are encouraged with you!

  2. Thanks for updating. Tell all hello from us. I am so glad to hear Savella’s good news, and that prayers have been answered.

  3. All well at your house tonight. Hamms handed our kids great chocolate treats while Nathan was trick-or-treating somewhere with Nancy and Elizabeth was out with Tyler and Darcy. I got to see the geisha girls and their get-up was something else. I had my first person asleep in just under 10 minutes last Sunday morning – I try and try but I just can’t fill your shoes…

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