An Evening in Budapest

The rainy trip from Bratislava to Budapest went off without a hitch.  I had about an hour and a half to settle in before I met Emese.  Her great disposition makes her a joy to be around.  Even her smile has been strained by the stress most of this year as well as uncertainty for the future.  Though I have known and respected her so much through the years, her faith in this surprised me.  The church in Budapest has effectively dissolved.  This would have occurred regardless of whether the American family working there would have stayed or not.  The Lord will sort out the causes.  Now, Emese is trying to sort through her options.  She is helping me to arrange a meeting with her, Janos, and Peter for when I come back next week.

 Tomorrow, I’m to travel to Sofia.  I’m looking forward to meeting with Biss.

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