Sunday evening in Brno

Coming to Brno is always like coming home in a sense.  The worship was very encouraging.  The brethren are still dealing with some very sticky issues concerning Jan’s ex-wife who has been withdrawn from but still attends services.  This created an unusual and awkward situation during the worship, but everyone handled it very well.

 On brighter notes, the church there is meeting in a new and better location.  It is more accessible and much more visible.  Jan and Jozef did a great job in choosing it. 

I’m including some picture of the outside, the inside, and a sign they are able to put up.  As before, it is inside property owned by the YMCA, but now it is on the edge of a huge shopping mall.  They are actually able to get some drop- in visitors now.  Also, after services, Jan gave me the phone number for a young man Charlie Brackett had met and studied with last summer.  When I contacted him later that evening, he set up a study for my next weekend in Brno.

2 responses to “Sunday evening in Brno

  1. Our Prayers Continue for your success!

  2. Jennifer Slatter

    You are in such precious company among the Christans there in Eastern Europe. We were so encouraged by our visit there and still continue to be encouraged. The dedication and humility with which they worship touched me intensely. My thoughts and prayers are with them and there work there.

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