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Brno Lecture

Thanks to KFC in Brno. I’m able to update the blog.  They have free wifi in all of their restaurants in the country. 


I came to Brno yesterday afternoon a couple of hours before our lecture last night.  The lecture went fairly well.  Jan and Joseph seemed very pleased with the material presented.   The crowd was smaller this time, but I really appreciated their attitude of the Christians.  We had only three first time visitors, but the guys’ responses were, “Well, that three people we have never seen before.  That’s good.”  I’ve included a couple of pictures from before the study started.


After the lecture, Jan and I ate supper together and caught up on what’s going on in his life.  He seems to be doing well.  After that, the Czech manager of the football team drove into the center to pick me up and take me to see the last few minutes of their practice.  Needless to say, I appreciated that as well.


A Bulgarian lawyer



We met with a lawyer for about an hour this morning on Dinyu’s behalf.  She (pictured above) went to college with Biss.  I think and pray she is a good choice.  We retained her to evaluate the case documents and suggest a next step if possible.  The only real appeal option usually takes about 10 years.  That’s a long time- especially if you are 82 years old.  At least there is a good chance his actual time inside can be cut in half. 


I got to Prague this evening.  Sunny and 70 was really nice after rainy and 45.    I’ll travel to Brno tomorrow to meet with Jan do a lecture.  We are anxious to see what the turnout will be for this one. 



A couple of pictures

I took a couple of pictures this evening while Iwas waiting on Biss and thought I would share them.  They are typical “end of the day” street scenes in Sofia. 

The first is of book vendors packing their books in banana boxes to store for the night.  The next two are of people standing in the rain and waiting for a tram.

A cold, rainy Tuesday in Sofia

We managed to get the paperwork the lawyer wanted lined up, but she put off meeting with us until in the morning.  I should have time since I don’t leave for the airport until 1:00. 

I got a phone call this morning that shocked me.   Shortly after arriving in Sofia 6 years ago I met collge student.  He was a joy to be around and very helpful.  After a nasty divorce his life fell apart.  I had no contact with him for a long time.  I ran into his sister a park on Saturday and she told him I was here.  He called this morning to tell me that he is trying to turn his life around and wants to talk.  I’ll meet with him this evening if all goes well.

According to the city, the garbage crisis is solved.  I guess this is what solved looks like.

Looking for a lawyer

Biss found a former classmate who specializes in criminal law.  After gathering the necessary paperwork today, we can meet with her tomorrow.   The situation is so complicated to address, but not too difficult to understand.  An initial look into the legal documents removes any infinitesimal question of right in the case.


After our worship, we went to visit Draga.  On the way we stopped to buy her some food.  She didn’t know I was in the country, so she was really surprised when she saw us at the door.  We had a pleasant study.  Her health appears to be fairly stable, but she seemed to have the sense that she isn’t too long for this world.

Visiting Dinyu

Sunday morning Biss, Dinyu’s daughter and I traveled just outside the city by microbus to visit Dinyu.  After waiting for about an hour and half, we were allowed inside for an hour.   His spirits were good considering the circumstances.  He has no access to a library, or any media.  We will buy him a radio.  The pictures are of his daughter, the microbus, and various scenes at the prison.

Saturday in Sofia

Biss and I had a great visit on Saturday as we mapped out our plans for the weekend.  We walked as we talked.  As we strolled though one open area, I got the chance to see that an old European tradition is alive and well.  Men still meet in the park to play chess.  People still gather to watch.

In Sofia

I arrived in Sofia this afternoon. The flat is not as nice as usual and it’s on the 4th floor, but the location is great.   I’ll be meeting Biss in a few minutes for supper and to discuss our trip to visit Dinyu in prison.  We plan to go by bus after our worship ion the morning.

In Prague

After a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam, I finally got to Prague Friday afternoon.  I met Mike and Tatana for a great visit.  We worked on our aproach the the upcoming study in Bratislava and enjoye a great meal together.