A Bulgarian lawyer



We met with a lawyer for about an hour this morning on Dinyu’s behalf.  She (pictured above) went to college with Biss.  I think and pray she is a good choice.  We retained her to evaluate the case documents and suggest a next step if possible.  The only real appeal option usually takes about 10 years.  That’s a long time- especially if you are 82 years old.  At least there is a good chance his actual time inside can be cut in half. 


I got to Prague this evening.  Sunny and 70 was really nice after rainy and 45.    I’ll travel to Brno tomorrow to meet with Jan do a lecture.  We are anxious to see what the turnout will be for this one. 



One response to “A Bulgarian lawyer

  1. Vicki Copeland

    Hi, Bill,

    Hope your trip goes well! Please tell Dinyu that we will pray for him. I don’t know all the background, but gather that his sentence wasn’t just. If there is anything we can do to help, let me know. Thanks for news of the brethren over there!

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