Looking for a lawyer

Biss found a former classmate who specializes in criminal law.  After gathering the necessary paperwork today, we can meet with her tomorrow.   The situation is so complicated to address, but not too difficult to understand.  An initial look into the legal documents removes any infinitesimal question of right in the case.

3 responses to “Looking for a lawyer

  1. Hi Bill, Please give my greetings to the church. Hi Biss! Please keep me informed. This is the first time I had heard that Dinyu went to prison. Please tell him I am think about him and praying for him. God bless.

  2. Bill, I am so glad that you and Biss are looking into justice for Dinyu. I am also happy that you were able to visit with him and Draga. They are such special people.

  3. Thanks, Bill and Biss. Keep us informed, and don’t hesitate to share what a need might be.

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