Monthly Archives: April 2009


On Monday we traveled to Budapest by train.  We met with Emese  for a while and then ate supper with the Tosti’s  I feel better about the situation here than I did for a while.  We will meet with Peter this afternoon.


We met with the brethren in Prague in the morning.  I preached long enough we had to rush to the train to get to Brno in time for worship there.  We had a good crowd.  Lucy came from Bratislava.  Her ssituation there is so difficult.  Jan had to deal with the painful issue of telling Kamila she shouldn’t join us for a meal at a nearby restaurant after the worship.

Our folks from Wichita were a great source of encouragement.  Brian and Brent both participated in leading the worship.  All of them them impressed the Czechs with how well they were able to sing the songs we had taught them.

New Arrivals

On Friday around noon, four Christians from Wichita Falls flew in to Prague.  This evening, Robert and Tammy invited all of us up for supper in spite of the fact their youngest is only two weeks old.  They are blessed with two wonderful children.


Everyone enjoyed the time, and Tammy cooked a great meal.  I believe that being with Kim and Jennifer was especially good for Tammy.  They are young ladies who know from experience what she is dealing with in having the two very small children.


Tomorrow we will spend some time with Mike and Tatana visiting and seeing the city.

Prague Lecture

When we do a lecture, we always spend an anxious while wondering how  a combination of factors will effect the crowd.  Thursday was no different, but the concern didn’t last long.  People came early.  We had around 40 visitors.  In addition to people taking almost all the material the brethren brought, Mike got a couple of new studies out of it.

Hard to caption

In all the years I lived here, I have seen a lot of suffering.  I won’t pretend to know what precipitated most of it.   It has often involved abject poverty.  Yet the couple of pictures I’m including haunted me.  The girl dumpster- diving is probably in her early twenties.


Food- physical and spiritual

After I got from Prague into Brno, I traveled to meet with the Novak’s.  As always, we had a wonderful but spiritually challenging visit.   Pavla prepared a great home cooked meal.  That was so nice after too many meals in restaurants.  We spent a great deal of time discussing rearing godly children.  I love and respect them so much for their focus on this.

Leaving Brno

On Thursday, I had a productive discussion with Kamila is Brno.  I have no idea where it may lead, but I felt a tiny glimmer of hope for the first time in a while. 


After our visit, I traveled to Prague. As I sat on the subway, I noticed the people as they traveled.   I’ll include a couple of pictures of people on their regular commute home on an evening I felt as tired as their pictures suggest they did.


I am supposed to meet with Kamila, Jan’s ex- wife, today.  The meeting was a result of her request.  I was surprised, but very pleased.  Afterwards I will take a train to Prague. 

The Novak’s have invited me for a visit. These wonderful folks want to discuss raising children.  I think they are already doing a fine job, but we all need help with this.

Worship in Brno

Saturday after the study Mike Morrow and I traveled to Bratislava with Lucy.  We had a study scheduled with two young men who are part of a group some established by some institutional brethren.  I was well impressed with their attitudes and knowledge.  On Sunday morning we worshipped there and then I traveled to Brno for the evening worship.  I’ll include a couple of pictures from this.


I’m now in Budapest.  I’m meeting with two old friends from our neighborhood in a few minutes.  After that, I’ll meet with Emese.  Peter and I are working on setting up a time to meet.  The last picture was taken from the train and is of a Hungarian castle near Budapest.


Brno Study

Saturday we met with brethren from six churches spread across three countries for a day of study.  I did the morning session.  Charlie Brackett arranged the afternoon study.  We had a great number turn out.  The highlight was when the 10 year old son of a couple from east Bohemia made a short talk.  Several had moist eyes by the time he was finished.  As you look at the pictures, pay special attention to the number of young people.