Arriving in Sofia

Except for a near miss in the taxi to the airport, the trip to Sofia was uneventful. It is great to be here for several reasons.   My best individual studies are typically here.  I always enjoy Sofia.  I’ll be in the same bed for 5 consecutive nights.  I finally get to do laundry.


After I got settled in, I was able to meet Biss for supper.  In addition to delivering some stuff- including grape juice, we caught up on the work and worked on the schedule for the following days.  We should have a group study tomorrow evening.  Please pray for Dinyu, the civil suite that seemed to have passed has been brought up again.  In this incredibly corrupt society, the smell of money draws all the sharks.


I’ll include a few travel pictures today.  I know the quality isn’t great.  In addition to my obvious limitations as a photographer, there were taken using the camera on my phone.  The first will show an evening commute on the Budapest subway.  The others will show something of the religious diversity typically encountered here.  These will include Jewish travelers waiting on their flight and a Bulgarian Orthodox priest reading as he waits to cross a busy intersection.

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