A Report from Serghei in Moldova

Greetings from the churches in Moldova!!!     Dear brothers and sisters,   I hope you are doing well and try your best to serve the Lord in all the things you do or think! And I pray for your continuous spiritual growth!   The last two and a half months were not as...

Explosions in Sofia

The recent explosions or military ordnance in Sofia did not cause any damage to the homes of brethren there.  The last report suggested that at least 600 homes in the city were damaged.  It appears clear that the initial detonation was not an accident.  Those...

Rafael van der Spa

Vanda and Arnold are the proud parents of a baby boy.  He was born June 19.  He weighed right at 9 lbs. (4110 grams) and was just over 20 inches (51 cm) long.  Mother and baby are doing well. 

Honza Novak’s mother died.

Honza Novak’s mother died July 5 of cancer after an extended illness.  We rejoice in the fact that she became a Christian a short time ago.  Honza also recently lost his father.