Monthly Archives: May 2008


Friday afternoon I went to Lelekovice to enjoy what thw Czechs refer to as a fire.  We grilled Klobassa over an open fire at Josef Planeta’s house.  In addition to the Planeta’s, Jan and Kamila came.  It was a great evening.  The Planetovi children are growing and doing well. 

Visit in Prague

Finally on line again!  I’m sitting in a KFC in Brno.  I spent three hours with the firiend I mentioned in the last post.  It was good catching up on family, but the spiritual discussions didn’t go nearly as well.  I should meet with him again the Friday before I return to the States.


On Thursday I will have an opportunity to meet with the preacher from a group called Christian Fellowship.  He is a well known and respected preacher for this denomination, but he is something quite different for me.  He is someone I have known and loved as a brother/son in the faith.  When we first met him about 17 years ago, he the leader in the Jehovah’s Witness group in his city.  After some serious study he was converted.  His conversion helped lead to that of a great number of others.  He, however, became influenced by the charismatic movement.  In fact, he spent some time in the States working for Pat Robertson.  This wil be the first time I have seen him in about 9 years.  Please pray that good will be done.