Monthly Archives: May 2008

Life in Sofia

Street music in Sofia can take on a western flair.  Few things here are more popular than American Indians.


Life is hard on women in this part of the world.  For every woman of this age selling some small product on the street there is another who is begging.  The thought of this type of future often leads to some frightening attitudes amonger younger women fearing this fate.


Typical street scene.


This is the front door to the building where I am staying while in Bulgaria.  It is fairly typical for buildings in the city.

Huge Thanks to Folks in Wichita Falls

The folks back home have been so kind and helpful with the family while I’m gone.  Concern for what is going on back home is the most stressful part of the trip.  Though I knew people would be helpful, I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness towards Nancy and the kids.  While I was in Bratislava last Saturday, one of the Christians asked what the people we were working with back in Texas are like.   I told her they were a wonderful group of helpful and devoted Christians.  The description was surely an accurate one. 

Just for fun…

The streets of Rome are narrow, crowded, and crooked.  In addition to the scooters so often seen darting around the traffic, the people have also found some really small cars to drive.

And yes, this ride makes the Smart car seem roomy.

Arrival in Sofia

I left my accommodations around 5 this morning to get to Budapest.  I had a couple of hours there before I flew to Bulgaria.  Thankfully, it all worked.  Biss and I ate supper tonight and caught on up the work.  It was a good visit and discussion that ended about 10:30.  I plan to meet with him and hopefully Savella tomorrow.  I also have meeting planned with a young family with whom I have had a number of discussions. 

The place I’m staying is nice.  I even have  internet access.  Tuesday evening, I had an e-mail from the manager of the property informing me that the reservation had been cancelled.  That led to some scrambling, but it all worked out well.

Two Days in Rome

The two days in Rome flew by.  I managed to get a lot of pictures that should come in handy for classes and sermons.  The home of Augustus on Palatine Hill is now open. 

The colors that have survived give a new sense of how their homes really looked.  Sadly, the workers were very emphatic as they told people no pictures could be taken.  The picture I’ll post is ruins (apparently of Nero’s bridge) in the Tiber.


Sunday in Brno

I’ll be meeting with the Christians here in Brno for worship in a few minutes.  They are still small in number but their faith is strong.  I wish I had good news about Kamila, but I don’t. 

Brno Study

On Saturday, Christians from seven churches (not counting me) met for a day of study.  From 10:00- 11:30 I presented an overview of Judges.  From 12:30 until 2:00 I talked about what God expects from governments.  Some of the folks who attended had trveled for five hours to be there.  It was a humbling and wonderful time of study.  Immediately after the sudy, I traveled with Lucy and a friend to Bratislava to spend some time visiting with them and get a better understanding of how things are going for the brethren there.  Lucy is doing well, but it’s tough right now.  They really need a good family to come and work with them.